What is the lead time for shipments?

For in-stock program fabrics, we can ship within 1-2 days.  If the product is a custom order, there are many factors that determine the lead time.  Please contact us to learn more?

I see that your minimum order size is 1 roll, but how many yards are on each roll?

Our in-stock program consists of 500 Denier in 100 Yard Rolls and our 1000 Denier are in 50 Yard Rolls.  Please refer to the e-catalog for additional information or contact us.

Do you provide samples + marketing materials?

Yes – we do…Contact us to learn more about sample swatch availability for the fabrics that might fit your needs.

Do you sell cut yardage?

HLC sells wholesale fabric by the roll only.

I need help in identifying the fabric needed for my project / application?

Yes – this is our specialty. Please contact us to speak with our sales department.  We will help you determine which fabric will best meet the needs of your application.

Can you dye custom colors?

Yes – pretty much any color in the Pantone Color Story or any other specialty color that you’re working with for your project or application.  Dye Lots in 500 Denier are 1,600 Yards @ Color and 1000 Denier are 1,200 Yards @ Color. Please contact us for further information?

Can’t find any pricing on your website?

Please contact us for prices on the products you are considering.

What are your credit terms?

If approved, our standard terms are Net 30 Days and we factor through the CIT Group (see credit application in the FORMS section in our Resources). Otherwise here are some other options; e-Check, ACH, Wire Transfer and PayPal. If you require any additional information, please contact Diane Murphy in our accounting department at: diane@HLCindustries.com