HLC offers a broad range of innovative material solutions, including unique constructions in a variety of weights and weave patterns.  We offer various fabric enhancements such as Fire Retardant coatings, nIR, anti-microbial, laminates and anti-static finishes as well as many others.  Our professional staff will assist you in creating and producing optimized fabrics to meet the highest standards for a wide array of commercial applications.

Cordura Fabric
Industrial Fabric
Commercial Outerwear
Tactical nylon woven backpack

Common Applications

Our wide assortment of Nylon Woven fabrics that we manufacture meets the demands of our customers, whether or not they are brands or commercial sewing operations. Here are some possibilities:

  • Medical Products
  • Life Jackets
  • Bags
  • Outerwear
  • Automotive Seat Protection
  • Nylon Tactical
  • Dog Beds
  • Contract Sewing
  • Safety
  • Outdoor

To learn more about how we can provide a suitable fabric for your Commercial / Industrial project Request a Quote