woven nylon fabricsCORDURA® Truelock™ Fabric is an innovative nylon material offering UV fade resistance and locked-in color consistency. The high-tenacity product has a unique solution dyed into its fibers to provide batch-to-batch uniformity.

Over the years, first responders, law enforcement officers, and security personnel worldwide have had to deal with the inconsistency of traditionally dyed (piece-dyed) nylon fabrics that significantly fade after minimal exposure to UV light.

The locked-in color provided by CORDURA® Truelock™ fabric allows for a matte, non-shiny appearance that remains true to its color. The material offers a variety of advantages for professionals that need long-lasting and durable uniforms.

Industries that can significantly benefit from CORDURA® Truelock™ fabric include law enforcement, military, tactical, and commercial. Learn more about the different color options, applications, and benefits of CORDURA® Truelock™ fabric.

CORDURA® Truelock™ Fabric

HLC Industries partnered with INVISTA to engineer two new shades of the dyed nylon fabric: extra dark navy blue and traditional navy blue. Both fabrics feature CORDURA® TrueLock™ fiber and offer all the benefits of solution-dyed nylon, which include:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Lot-to-lot color consistency
  • Locked in color
  • UV exposure resistance

These new colors are now part of the growing line of in-stock dyed CORDURA® Truelock™ nylon fabrics (500D & 1000D), available exclusively from HLC Industries.

CORDURA® Truelock™ Fabric: Applications

From law enforcement to military to tactical or workwear applications, Truelock™ fabric can be used in a wide variety of applications.

  • CORDURA® Truelock™ Fabric: Law Enforcement
    What a law enforcement officer wears can influence his or her success in the field. Whether it’s keeping their location under cover or protecting them from extreme weather and other environmental conditions, what they wear can be equally important as what they carry to protect themselves and those around them. Law enforcement officials must look professional, wearing uniforms that appear neat and clean without fading.

    Manufactured using a variety of state-of-the-art technologies, CORDURA® Truelock™ fabric remains true to its original blue color, offering high-performance capabilities worthy of the men and women that wear them.
  • CORDURA® Truelock™ Fabric: Military
    Contractors and manufacturers supplying the U.S. Armed Forces and other worldwide militaries rely on a broad range of materials to meet the stringent specifications of many different applications.

    CORDURA® Truelock™ fabrics are Berry Amendment compliant and produced in the U.S. by an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer using Mil-Spec nylons. The textiles range from 1.1 ounces to 12.0 ounces and lightweight to heavy-woven to meet the needs of diverse military applications.

    Common military applications include:

    • Critical Protective Gear (Ballistic Vest Covers, Packs, Bags, Outwear)BackpacksMilitary Body Armor
    • Military Footwear
    • Military Parachutes
    • Duffel Bags
    • Flyer’s Helmet Bag
    • Lightweight Tent/Rain Fly
    • Sleeping Bags
    • PouchesPonchos

    Military forces around the world trust the dependability of CORDURA® fabrics for head-to-toe coverage. The material withstands demanding conditions, providing exceptional UV resistance and inherent IR capabilities while meeting the toughest military standards.

    CORDURA® Truelock™ fabric provides a rugged and versatile option for varying climates, keeping soldiers comfortable, warm, or cool.
  • CORDURA® Truelock™ Fabric: Tactical
    HLC Industries is the largest supplier of INVISTA™ CORDURA® fabrics, including various Mil-Spec Denier fabrics from 40D to 1040D ballistic nylons. All products are manufactured and certified in the U.S.

    Tactical applications for these garments include:

    • Commercial Nylon Tactical
    • Law Enforcement TacticalBackpacks and Pouches
    • Dog Beds
    • Duffel BagsFurniture and Seat Covers
    • LuggageOutdoor/Hunting GearRecreational

  • CORDURA® Truelock™ Fabric: Commercial
    Our industrial textile fabric comes in a variety of weave patterns and weights and can include optimized material enhancements, such as:

    • Fire Retardant Coatings
    • NIR PropertiesAntimicrobial
    • LaminationAnti-Static Finishes

    The CORDURA® Truelock™ is an innovative material that meets the standards for a broad range of commercial applications, including but not limited to:

    • Medical ProductsLife Jackets
    • BagsAutomotive Seat ProtectionContract Sewing
    • Dog BedsNylon TacticalOutdoorOuterwear
    • Safety

CORDURA® Truelock™ Fabric: Specifications

CORDURA® Truelock™ is a high-tenacity nylon 6,6 multi-filament fiber that provides a wide array of benefits for use in law enforcement, military, and other applications, including:

  • Excellent Color Fastness
  • UV-Fade Resistance
  • Abrasion Resistance
  • Enhanced UV Strength Stability
  • Long-Lasting Color Vibrancy
  • Inherently low NIR reflectance
  • Retains Color After Washing or UV Exposure

The color consistency of this fabric plays a crucial role in matching the elastic, webbing, cordage, trims, and other materials to establish uniformity between gear and garments.

The color penetrates the entire fiber structure, allowing for multi-component and dye lot to dye lot consistency. The manufacturing process provides a deep, durable color by locking it in during the molten polymer extrusion level. With a matte appearance, the enhanced color resists “frosting” during extreme abrasion testing. The innovative material also has superior tensile and tear strength.

Compared to traditional piece-dyed materials, the process for achieving a dark, vibrant color in CORDURA® Truelock™ material emits few greenhouse gases, uses less energy and water, and provides a sustainable solution for creating a durable fabric.

Photo of a soldier in military outfit holding a gun and bulletproof vest on orange desert background. Green US flag patch on the tactical bulletproof vest with M4 magazines, selective focus

CORDURA® Truelock™ Fabric From HLC Industries

Founded in 1916, HLC Industries provides high-quality material for the garment industry, and during World War II, HLC provided essential fabrics needed to manufacture U.S. military uniforms. For more than 100 years, HLC Industries has been a trusted supplier for the global textile industry and now operates under the direction of fifth-generation family members.

We provide a broad range of military, tactical, and commercial solutions for various industries and applications. Based in Pennsylvania, we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of nylon woven fabrics, with products ranging in weight between 1.1 ounces to 12.0 ounces.

As we continue to invest in long-lasting, durable fiber technologies, HLC Industries has expanded its capabilities to include sustainable solutions. As an exclusive dealer of CORDURA® fabrics, we certify that the product is Berry Amendment compliant and made in the U.S.A.

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