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HLC Industries is a trusted provider specializing in the manufacturing of nylon woven textiles.We are committed to meeting the precise textile requirements of manufacturers and contractors across industries. Our team delivers solutions spanning from lightweight to heavy-weight fabrics, ensuring versatility and suitability for various applications.

What Is the Phoenix™ Fabric?

Derived from the enigmatic mythological bird, the name “Phoenix™” encapsulates the essence of renewal and transformation. Phoenix fabric is the by-product of nylon polymer waste. This fabric signifies an advancement in sustainable textile manufacturing, much like its fabled counterpart that rises from the ashes.

The name’s significance aligns with the fabric’s defining attributes. It offers a balance between traditional practices and innovative techniques, becoming a visual representation of sustainability, resilience, and progress.

What Separates Phoenix™ Fabrics From the Competition?

Phoenix™ fabrics distinguish themselves from the competition through their sustainability, innovative design, exceptional performance and durability These textiles stand out because of the following features:

100% Recycled Materials

Phoenix™ fabrics are meticulously crafted from 100% recycled nylon and plastics. HLC Industries’ decision to use recycled materials goes beyond a business strategy; it symbolizes our commitment to reducing the environmental effects of conventional textile production.


The Phoenix™ recycled nylon fabric is made-to-order. Our collection has two options: the Piece Dyed 1000 Denier and 500 Denier fabrics, each designed to meet unique specifications.

Quantitative Supply

Our yardage offering complies with modern commerce’s increasing demands for efficiency and scalability. Whether you have large-scale production or are running a small project, HLC Industries’ fabric supply ensures that you can meet your needs without compromising quality.

Unparalleled Resiliency

The Phoenix™ line exemplifies an ideal combination of durability and sustainability. Unlike many eco-friendly fabrics, this recycled nylon maintains its inherent resilience, ensuring its ability to endure the stresses of its intended application.

Versatility Across Industries

Phoenix™ fabrics can be used in various commercial products, from backpacks and pouches to horse blankets. This versatility demonstrates their inherent flexibility across applications, making them a preferred choice for businesses looking for a balance of functionality and sustainability.

Choose HLC Industries: Your Partner for Premium Textiles

At HLC Industries, we provide superior fabric solutions for various industries, including military, tactical, aerial delivery parachutes, and commercial.Our extensive portfolio demonstrates our capacity to adapt to changing industry demands and provide cutting-edge solutions. We are also committed to improving our processes to maintain our legacy of excellence.

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