HLC offers a broad range of innovative material solutions, including unique constructions in a variety of weights and weave patterns. We offer various fabric enhancements such as fire retardant coatings, nIR, anti-microbial, laminates and anti-static finishes as well as many others.

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Woven Fabric Solutions

Deniers Fabric End Uses
30 Denier 1.1 oz Nylon Rip Stop Car Covers, Apparel Linings, Parachute Systems
40 Denier 1.6 oz Nylon Rip Stop Apparel Linings, Rain Fly’s
70 Denier 1.9 oz Nylon Rip Stop Sleep Systems, Tents & Rain Fly’s
200 Denier Nylon Oxford Cloth Linings, Laundry Bags & Promotional Bags
330 Denier Mil - Spec 32439B - Type 4 - Cloth, Duck, Textured Nylon Lightweight Bags & Cases, Body Armor Carriers
400 Denier Nylon Pack Cloth Back Packs, Horse Blankets & Cases and Covers
420 Denier Nylon - PIA-C-7219 Parachute Systems, Packs & Cots
500 Denier Mil - Spec 32439B - Type 3 - Cloth, Duck, Textured Nylon Duffel Bags, Field Packs & Load Bearing Vests
600 Denier Polyester Duck Duffel Bags, Back Packs, Luggage & Aprons
1000 Denier Mil - Spec 32439B - Type 1 - Cloth, Duck, Textured Nylon Outdoor Gear, Military Gear & Pet Beds
1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon - 2 x 2 Basket Weave Ballistic Nylon - 2 x 2 Basket Weave