HLC is the global leader in supplying parachute fabrics for military and commercial aerial delivery systems. All of our fabrics are woven on the most modern state-of-the-art looms and are finished and tested at US government certified facilities.

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MIL-SPEC Fabric End Uses
C-10296 Cotton Sateen 60" Parachute Systems
DTL-32439B All Types & Classes - Cloth, Duck Textured Nylon Bags
C-3395 Netting Parachute Systems
C-3953 Duck - 1050D Nylon Stiffener Fabric for Parachute Systems
C-419 Cotton Duck Parachute Systems
C-43375 Class 2 - Cloth, Duck, Nylon, 12.5 Ounce Bags / Covers
C-43805 Netting Parachute Systems
C-44378 All Types - 30 Denier Nylon Ripstop 36", 48", or 65" Widths Personnel & Aerial Delivery Parachutes
DTL-508 Oxford Liners
C-7020 All Types - 30 Denier Nylon 36" or 72" Widths Personnel & Cargo Parachutes
C-7219 All Types & Classes - 420 Denier Nylon Plain Weave 60" Width Parachute Systems, Packs & Cots
C-7350 All Types - 100 Denier Cargo Chutes
C-8021 All Types - 210 Denier Drag Chutes