Tactical nylon fabrics are a form of synthetic textile designed to be flexible, lightweight, and resistant to various environmental conditions. Typically, they are woven or knitted from nylon fibers to create a strong and resilient material. These fabrics are commonly used to produce military and law enforcement gear and outdoor and adventure equipment.

HLC Industries is a trusted provider that caters to the textile requirements of manufacturers and contractors. With a specialization in manufacturing nylon woven textiles, we offer solutions for various applications. Our expertise covers everything from lightweight to heavy-weight fabrics, ensuring we meet our client’s diverse needs.

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Tactical Nylon Fabrics Explained

Our extensive studies have determined that nylon stands out as the strongest fabric available. This synthetic material possesses remarkable attributes, including its lightweight nature and exceptional durability. These qualities make it the preferred fabric for climbing ropes and parachute cords, where strength and reliability are paramount.

Another one of nylon’s inherent advantages lies in its native water resistance, attributed to its non-porous microscopic structure. Whether it’s exposed to rain, splashes, or other sources of moisture, nylon maintains its integrity and performance. Furthermore, advanced techniques allow for the creation of ballistic nylon by weaving high-quality fibers, which exhibit the remarkable ability to stop bullets.

Given these characteristics, nylon is the fabric of choice for various tactical bags, vests, and other gear. It offers nearly twice the strength per gram compared to polyester, making it an ideal choice for applications requiring an excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Additionally, nylon’s flexibility enables its transformation into wearable fabrics without compromising durability.

Benefits of Tactical Nylon Fabrics

Tactical nylon fabrics are highly sought after in various industries and applications due to their numerous benefits. They are designed specifically to excel in demanding environments, providing unmatched strength, durability, and adaptability.

The following are some of the most significant advantages of using these materials:


The tactical nylon fabric features a combination of lightweight construction and durability. This characteristic results from a strategic threading pattern that enhances tear resistance and permits near-transparent thinness. The material’s lightweight nature renders it ideal for the production of travel gear, as it provides durability without adding weight to the load.

Flexible Colors and Textures

The fabric’s versatility is evident in its textures and colors, allowing manufacturers to choose their desired textile qualities. Whether it’s the softness required for clothing or the ruggedness needed for parachutes, the availability of different textures allows for tailored solutions.

Fireproof and Waterproof

Tactical nylon undergoes manufacturing processes that give it impermeable and fireproof properties. These features make it ideally adapted for various applications, including outdoor gear, military equipment, and public safety equipment. For example, it is often utilized for firefighter uniforms due to its inflammability when exposed to fire.

Similarly, campers and military personnel are frequently exposed to severe weather conditions like snow and rain. The fabric’s waterproof qualities ensure it is safe and comfortable by preventing cold, wet weather from permeating their clothing and gear. Its airproof nature also proves beneficial in windy environments as it effectively blocks air passage.


For years, this fabric has served as a cheaper alternative to silk, particularly in the construction of parachutes. It offers a blend of silk’s advantages with the resilience of a more robust material. Moreover, it balances softness and flexibility when combined with softer textiles.

Woven Fabric Solutions

Deniers Fabric End Uses
30 Denier 1.1 oz Nylon Rip Stop Car Covers, Apparel Linings, Parachute Systems
40 Denier 1.6 oz Nylon Rip Stop Apparel Linings, Rain Fly’s
70 Denier 1.9 oz Nylon Rip Stop Sleep Systems, Tents & Rain Fly’s
200 Denier Nylon Oxford Cloth Linings, Laundry Bags & Promotional Bags
330 Denier Mil - Spec 32439B - Type 4 - Cloth, Duck, Textured Nylon Lightweight Bags & Cases, Body Armor Carriers
400 Denier Nylon Pack Cloth Back Packs, Horse Blankets & Cases and Covers
420 Denier Nylon - PIA-C-7219 Parachute Systems, Packs & Cots
500 Denier Mil - Spec 32439B - Type 3 - Cloth, Duck, Textured Nylon Duffel Bags, Field Packs & Load Bearing Vests
600 Denier Polyester Duck Duffel Bags, Back Packs, Luggage & Aprons
1000 Denier Mil - Spec 32439B - Type 1 - Cloth, Duck, Textured Nylon Outdoor Gear, Military Gear & Pet Beds
1050 Denier Ballistic Nylon - 2 x 2 Basket Weave Rugged Applications, Soft-Sided Luggage

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