MultiCam is a versatile camouflage pattern designed to reduce visibility across diverse landscapes and seasons while minimizing infrared detection. Originally adopted by the U.S. Army for operations in Afghanistan, MultiCam’s effectiveness has been validated through combat experience and rigorous evaluations. This validation has established it as a trusted choice for multi-environment concealment.

This article explores MultiCam’s versatile print patterns, camouflage effectiveness, Berry compliance, and military gear applications. We will also analyze the technical specifications of 500 and 1000-Denier Nylon variants, shedding light on their durability and performance in the field.

Versatility of MultiCam Patterns

The following are examples of how this pattern is utilized across different products:

  • Duffle bags: This pattern is used to craft durable and concealable duffle bags, which are ideal for transporting essential equipment in military operations and outdoor adventures.
  • Luggage: MultiCam pattern improves luggage camouflage, making it suitable for travel in urban and wilderness environments.
  • Backpacks: This pattern is incorporated into backpack designs, offering reliable concealment for long-range missions or everyday use.
  • Plate carriers: Military personnel rely on plate carriers made with MultiCam patterns for protection and concealment in combat situations.
  • Tactical equipment: Holsters, pouches, and vests constructed from this fabric pattern provide essential camouflage for law enforcement officers and tactical operators.
  • Military gear: This pattern is extensively used in various military gear items, from uniforms to tents, to ensure effective concealment and durability in diverse environments.

Family of MultiCam Print Patterns

Here are types of camouflage patterns tailored to improve concealment in various environments:


Tailored for desert environments characterized by open sand and rock landscapes, MultiCam Arid minimizes the visual and near-infrared signature of individuals operating in such areas. This pattern ensures effective concealment by blending seamlessly with the arid surroundings, particularly when paired with gear.


MultiCam Tropic is engineered for dense jungle environments with lush vegetation that camouflages effectiveness in areas largely unaffected by seasonal changes. It reduces the visual and near-infrared signatures of individuals operating in jungle terrain, providing them with enhanced disguises.


The Alpine pattern is designed for snow-covered environments, effectively reducing the visual and near-infrared footprint of personnel operating in snowy areas. It is optimized for regions experiencing significant snowfall (stark white surroundings).


Specifically crafted for law enforcement officers operating in high-risk environments, this pattern projects an authoritative presence suitable for domestic operations. It is also designed to complement existing law enforcement equipment, presenting a sharp and professional image for law enforcement units.

Technical Specifications of MultiCam

These technical specifications detail the features of MultiCam variants, each tailored to ensure durability in military settings:

500 Denier Nylon

This model is designed with several key technical features to ensure performance in military applications. These include:

  • Polyurethane coating: enhances durability and resistance to wear
  • Durable water repellent (DWR) treatment: improves moisture resistance, ensuring performance in diverse conditions
  • Width: spans 59″ – 60″ wide, offering ample application coverage
  • Weight: weighs 8 oz/yd^2, balancing strength and lightweight versatility
  • Meets Mil-DTL-32439 type III class 3 specification: ensures compliance with military standards
  • Berry compliance: made in the U.S.A., adhering to domestic sourcing regulations and enhancing reliability and authenticity

1000 Denier Nylon

The characteristics of 1000 Denier Nylon comprise:

  • Polyurethane coating: strengthens durability and resistance to wear
  • Durable water repellent (DWR) treatment: enhances moisture resistance to guarantee performance in varied conditions
  • Width: measures 59″ – 60″, providing extensive coverage for various applications
  • Weight: weighs 11 oz/yd^2, signifying heightened density and enhanced durability
  • Meets Mil-DTL-32439 type I class 3 specification: confirms compliance with military standards
  • Berry compliance: manufactured in the U.S.A., complying with domestic sourcing regulations that guarantee authenticity

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